The best way for young children to practice self-regulation is to engage in make-believe play. In Tools classrooms, children enjoy acting out pretend scenarios like eating in a restaurant or going to the doctor. If you develop play themes at school, you can partner with parents to support engagement in make-believe play at home and at school.

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We are excited to share with you and the parents you partner with a selection of our Let’s Pretend eBooks. The video above shows how to use them, handouts for parents, and downloadable books in both Spanish and English that can be used at home and at school. Here’s to purposeful play that builds self-regulation–the foundation for later social-emotional, academic and life success.

Please enjoy a sampling of our Let’s Pretend books below.

Let’s Pretend Dentist: English | Spanish
Let’s Pretend Grocery: English | Spanish
Let’s Pretend Groomer: English | Spanish

Please click below for additional helpful guidance on how to use the Let’s Pretend books

Parent tip sheet What is self-regulation and why does it matter: English | Spanish
Tips for Props and Roles: English | Spanish