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This set comes with a toy ‘shot’, thermometer — and so much more.

What role carries and uses a stethoscope? Children can make one of their own with plastic tubing, cardboard and other recycled materials too!

Learning Resources Stethoscope, Pretend Play, Exploration Play, Working Stethoscope, Ages 5+

Maybe some of your families will have extra newborn diapers they can share with you — taking care of babies is important play, and you’ll definitely need diapers for your dolls!

This is a high quality doctor’s kit that has everything your doctors will need.

Doctor Kit for Kids – 15 Piece Complete Pretend Play Doctor Toy Set Including Carrying Case for Toddlers Boys and Girls by Hey! Play!

These tops are the “real thing” and are extremely affordable and available in lots of colors. Just make sure to order XXS so they fit the children in your class.

WonderWink Women’s Scrubs Bravo 5-Pocket V-Neck Top

White fabric you can purchase by the yard. Great for making bibs, diapers or bandages for your hospital.

Kona Cotton White, Quilting Fabric by the Yard

This multipurpose tubing can be used to create props throughout the medical theme…and other themes too! Can you set up an IV stand?

Plastic baby dolls are essential for the hospital theme so they can be bathed in the nursery!

This classic eye chart is useful on the wall for “setting the stage”for the optometrist

Cavallini & Co. Eye Exam Chart Decorative Decoupage Poster Wrapping Paper Sheet

Children can make their own glasses out of pipe cleaners or cardboard as an alternative to purchasing glasses — but fun to have different frames to ‘try on’ at the eye doctor’s!

How official would it feel to flip this open to ‘write a prescription’ on a pad of paper inside? What can you do to create a prescription pad?

Kicko Mini Spiral Prism Notepads – 12 Pieces of Ruled Composition Spiral Notebooks for Students and Professionals – Journals, Diary, Homework, Scratches, themed Party Favors Toy

If you have a wooden dollhouse this type of set can encourage students to use it to create a hospital in a small scale

Calling the veterinarian’s office to see if they have an appointment – or answering the phone as the receptionist? Here’s a great smartphone with keys for their ride home.

X-ray technicians can look at real x-rays as they determine whether the bone is broken and a cast or ace bandage is needed!

Roylco True to Life Human X-Rays

Stretchy self-sticking gauze for pet’s broken legs, or for creating all kinds of mummies in the K study of ancient Egypt!

First Aid Only 5-6600 Stretch Gauze Bandage, 4-Yard Stretched Length x 2-Inch Width (Box of 24)

Lab coat role prop for doctors… and later for vets — and what other roles in your play themes might be able to wear this? What about the pharmacist?

Scrub sets for the emergency room and hospital play… that can be recycled and used again in the pet/vet theme!

Medicine bottles for the pharmacy… could different colored tissue paper ‘balls’ be medicine? Small manipulatives? Add in eye droppers, food coloring and water?

10 Empty Plastic Pill Bottles Medicine Container Vitamin Capsule Drug Holder Cl

“Old School” toy doctor bag for all your doctor’s tools . . .

Fisher-Price Medical Kit, Preschool Pretend Doctor Playset