Preparing for Virtual Workshops & TA

Download Our PDF Guide on Using Zoom

Workshops or TA that will be conducted virtually will use the Zoom web-conferencing platform.
If this is your first time using Zoom you may want to consult this guide on installing Zoom. We also recommend trying a test meeting in advance of your scheduled virtual workshop or TA to ensure your setup is compatible, which you can do by visiting at any time.

Note: The specific meeting link for your virtual workshop or TA will be provided to you in advance by email or in the Tools portal.

We recommend you use a computer (laptop/desktop) when using Zoom to access your virtual workshops or PLC meetings. However, it is possible to use Zoom on a phone or tablet if needed. To join your virtual workshop or PLC meetings, please make sure to have the Zoom app installed. Note that if you do not have the Zoom app installed, you will not be able to initiate the meeting. (iOS | Android).

Participation Guidelines

1. Recommended minimum computer specifications:


  • 2GHz or faster processor, 8GB RAM
  • We recommend installing the latest version of Google Chrome


  • 2GHz or faster processor, 8GB RAM
  • We recommend installing the latest version of Google Chrome

2. Internet Speeds

Download/upload: minimum 4 Mbps. A strong, stable internet connection is recommended.

You can check your speed at

3. Video

Participants are encouraged to use a webcam and turn on their video during workshops and TA.

4. Norms

  • Participants should join from a suitable, quiet location with a stable internet connection.
  • When not speaking, we recommend participants mute their microphone (see here for instructions on how to mute/unmute your audio)
  • Participants are encouraged to use the Chat function to ask questions (see this article for details on how to use the chat functionality in Zoom)

Getting Help

Please email if you have additional questions or require technical support with virtual workshops or TA