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Here you’ll find some inspiration for Science Eyes collections!

This is the ORIGINAL 12 Stone Madagascar Mix created by Fantasia Mining. Others have tried to duplicate this mix but none have succeeded in keeping the stone and color balance as perfect as this original Fantasia mix.

This is a mix of 12 quality gemstones from Madagascar off the coast of Africa. They are perfect for tumbling, polishing, collecting, arts and crafts, and more.

There are two options for this item with one being just the stones and another coming with a 30 page identification book which shows full color pictures of all of the stones, information about their scientific properties, and information about their metaphysical properties.

This product contains the following natural earth mined stones from Madagascar:

Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Septarian, Green Opal, Desert Jasper, Apatite, Amethyst, Petrified Wood, Girasol Opal, Red Jasper, Yellow Jasper and Chrysocolla.

Fantasia Materials: 2 Pounds of a 12 Stone Mix from Madagascar

Bring science into the classroom. This set of 12 Agate slices will delight the little explorer in any child. Transparent quality of each slice allows children to see the layers caused by formations. Color and texture variations can open discussions about likes and differences. The possibilities are endless! Each slice measures approximately 1 1/2″ wide.

Can you find different kinds of pinecones where you are? Can you find fall and winter seed pods, acorns, chestnuts for exploring? Ask families to send in things they find on their fall and winter walks! What about in the spring — are there maple seeds twirling from trees that you could collect? Tulip polar trees with their green tulips? Hydrangea, forsythia? All great for Science Eyes collections!

Put these in a bug box, and have children observe the hatching of praying mantises, which they can later set free outside! They can draw and write about what they see over time in Science Journals!

Praying Mantis Egg Case With Hatching Habitat Cup- 2 Praying Mantids Egg Cases

Five Painted Lady caterpillars with food. Three butterflies are guaranteed to be perfect specimens. Comes with full instructions and butterfly facts. Allow approximately 3 weeks for your caterpillars to develop. Available only in the continental U.S. and Alaska.

This reusable 3 foot tall hanging Butterfly Cage is the perfect environment for young entomologists to raise or observe butterflies. Lightweight, durable construction and see-through mesh with zippered entry allows easy access. Includes a hook for hanging. Great for other bugs too, a great environment for anything your curious kid wants to observe.

Nature Gift Store 10 Live Caterpillars Shipped Now: Butterfly Kit Refill Plus 3D Figurines Bundle

Who isn’t interested in bugs! If you’re not inclined to go catch a range of insects where you are — these are great collections that allow children to observe closely – would be great for Science Eyes!
Geoworld has taken twelve insects of many different orders and species, and mounted them with clear Acrylic blocks for up close examination. Includes a 24 page mini guide for identifying specimens. A wonderful starter collection of insects for any budding Entomologist!

Scorpions and spiders… how many legs do you see? What else do you see? What books could you read to children to build background knowledge before exploring a collection like this?
Product Description
Paper Weight Collection with Real Scorpion and Spider in acrylic. Using the highest quality materials and components. Take advantage of the latest products on the market today. Satisfaction ensured.

REALBUG Scorpion & Spider Collection 4 pc Set


I see . . . rainbows! Prisms are great for exploring light, color, transparency, shape — how might you use these in Science Eyes?

EISCO equilateral acrylic prisms, set of 3 – 25, 50, 100mm lengths(3) prisms this set is of highly polished acrylic equilateral prisms — 25mm sides and lengths of 25, 50 and 100mm. Prisms will create a nice rainbow (even in room light) by using the simple led light of a smart phone (such as an iPhone). User will need to create a small slit in a black piece of paper and use that slit in front of the led which will create a light ray. The prisms will then refract the white light and create a nice rainbow on a target away from the prism. The farther away you move the target the bigger the rainbow gets and the more distinct colors the user can see. A great tool for teaching refraction and science education, or for just having fun.

Eisco Labs Equilateral Acrylic Prisms With 1 inch Sides, Set of 3 Prisms – 1 Inch, 2 Inch, and 4 Inch Lengths

How could you use these to help children observe the characteristics at different points in the lifecycle of a butterfly? What vocabulary would children be using as they pass these back and forth with a partner?

Children can see how butterflies change as they grow with the Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle Stages. The accurately detailed Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Adult Butterfly replicas are oversized for little hands. Made of durable, flexible plastic, these figures encourage up-close examination of the Miracle of Metamorphosis.

Learning life cycles can be a part of Science Eyes!

This Ant life cycle stages toy provide children with a fun way to learn about the 4 stages of development in an ant’s life. Enhance the power of learning and put your curiosity to the test in a fun way. This is a toy that encourages discovery with its anatomically correct and accurately painted figures. Learning has never been as fun as with the Ant Life Cycle toy.

Ant Life Cycle Toy – 4 Piece Set Shows Life Cycle Of An Ant

Insect Lore Ladybug Life Cycle Stages

Insect Lore Ladybug Life Cycle – 4 PC Insect Figure Shows Life Of Lady Bug

Seashells are wonderful for Science Eyes! Ask families to collection and send in ones to add to your collection.

The US Shell Large World Mix assortment of Sea shells is a natural product that is perfect for many applications. Great for Home Décor and any arts and craft project.

US Shell, Large World Mixed Shells, 1 Kilo Weight

Starfish would be great addition to seashell collections — how many arms do you see? Are they rough or smooth? Big or small? What do you notice if you turn them over?
Nice Assortment of Starfish for any nautical theme.

U.S. Shell, Inc. Starfish Mix

Children can closely observe ladybugs and observe their similarities and differences… then you can let them go outside!

300 Live Ladybugs – Good Bugs – Ladybugs – Guaranteed Live Delivery!

Top Grade natural quartz crystal cluster geode druzy gemstone specimen
Due to the natural materials used each specimen is unique and will be similar to the shape and orientation shown in the pictures.