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Mega Toob includes: Randomly selected 24 figures from our Horse and Pony Toobs. Twice as big as our award winning standard Toob for twice the fun! Value packed with even more playability. Enough pieces to share with a friend! Convenient carry-along acetate tube makes them great for trips or to just about anywhere. Discover the frontiers of your imagination with these miniature worlds created only by Safari Ltd. Besides the fun you will have collecting them all, they are ideal for school projects.


Ponies pack

Ponies set

Childrens Brown Felt Cowboy Hat by Century Novelty by Century Novelty

Brown felt hat

Giddy-up, save a horse, and ride a cowboy! These red bandanas are a great finishing touch for any country western theme! Built to last with 100% cotton construction with sewn edges, buy it today and use it for years to come! Great accessory for Halloween, or party hat for anyone cowboy-chic enough to pull it off!

Red Bandana

Aurora World World Giddy-Up Stick Horse 37″ Plush, Beige


Each sheet of assorted solid color tissue paper measures 20 x 26 Inch. This premium quality tissue paper is perfect for gift wrapping, paper crafts, packing and more! 100 sheets per package. Tools; Tissue paper can make great flames… or be rolled and taped into ‘sticks’ for the kindling to start the fire… can be glued on a container to make ‘canteens’ or cut to make food for the horses!

Darice 100-Piece Premium Quality Tissue Gift Wrapping Paper Crafts, Packing and More

The Felt Store’s Acrylic Craft Felt is wonderful for all levels of crafters, from beginner to advanced crafters. Made from synthetic fibers and with a higher density than most other synthetic crafting felts, the Acrylic Felt offers great durability for ease of manipulation, cutting and gluing without unraveling or creasing. Perfect for cutting into shapes, making costumes, decorations, bulletin board backdrops and almost anything you can think of! Easy to iron and safe for kids, this product can be used for all their crafty school projects!

Wild West Character Props. The package includes 9 pieces of plastic wild west props. They are printed on thin clear plastic and range in size from 13 inches to 4 feet 4 inches. Props are not free-standing. They are printed on thin plastic material to be cut apart and attached to walls. Great to go along with the plastic backdrops.

The package contains two cowboy cutouts in different designs. They are printed on both sides of board stock. The cowboy silhouettes measure 35 Inch tall and 37 Inch tall. These cutouts will look great on a wall for a western themed party.

5′ Saloon Door Cover

Playsilks, in the hands of children, are truly a bottomless toy chest. There are so many things that children will create with them. When playing dress-up, they will use playsilks to become pirates in one moment and birds in flight in another. Their size and texture make it easy for small hands to fold and tie. Their colors can inspire play using them as grass, sky, and water.

Beistle Western Wanted Photo Fun Frame. This photo fun frame says “Wanted” at the top and “Reward 1000” at the bottom. It is made of board stock paper and measures 23.5 Inch tall by 15.5 Inch wide.