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History comes alive in poetry and pictures.

Welcome to the 13th-century banquet at the castle of the Earl of Daftwood! Here young readers will meet all of the lords and ladies, the servants and the squires. They will discover surprises: flying silverware and mystery meat made of animal feet for dinner–life in the castle isn’t always elegant. Linda Ashman’s clever rhyming text and S.D Schindler’s intricate illustrations look at life in a medieval castle from multiple eye-opening perspectives.

Come to the Castle!: A Visit to a Castle in Thirteenth-Century England

A journey of discovery through one of the most thrilling periods of World History

100 things You Should Know About Knights & Castles

Detailed photographs trace the origins, heyday, and eventual decline of knighthood, chivalry, and the feudal system. Discover how armor was made, how men became knights, and what life in a medieval castle was like. “Great for reluctant readers.”–School Library Journal.

Knight (DK Eyewitness Books)

This bestselling modern classic features a princess who rescues a very snooty—and ungrateful—prince.

The Paper Bag Princess (Munsch for Kids)

What happens when a sheepish knight and a not-so-fierce dragon fight for the very first time? Well, it’s no ordinary battle since the knight has to go to the castle library to learn about dragon-fighting and the dragon must dig through his ancestor’s things to find out how to fight a knight!

The Knight and the Dragon (Paperstar Book)

A look at life in medieval times: the parts of a castle and the daily life its residents, the education of a knight, weapons and armor, and more.

Una enciclopedia con personajes divertidos, en donde se narra la vida de la época medieval: El castillo (todo sobre su construcción y las partes que lo componen) .
Los habitantes del castillo.(quienes lo conformaban) La vida en este lugar ( que actividades que realizaban) Los días de fiesta y diversiones (como se entretenían en ese entonces) La educación y vida de un caballero( todo lo relacionado sobre el entrenamiento del caballero, cuya labor era defender a su patria y proteger a los indefensos, así como su ceremonia de iniciación).

Caballeros Y Castillos (Mi Pequena Enciclopedia) (Spanish Edition)