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What ideas for a diner center does this great play set give you?

Waitresses and waiters need a place to keep their guest checks and put their tips! These are great role props that help everyone know the role of the person wearing them!

2 Pocket Canvas Waist Apron (3-Pack)

How can construction toys be integrated into your play theme? What else could you use for ice cream if you set up an ice cream shop . . . pom poms? Crumpled tissue paper in paper towel tubes? Shredded paper for sprinkles? What ideas do your children have?

Making up, stacking and filling pizza boxes to put in the back of the ‘delivery truck’ for deliveries are great actions in restaurant themed-play. It’s easy to order boxes, or try asking your local pizzeria if they’ll share any of their resources with your classroom..maybe they can even come in and talk with your children about how to make pizza, answer the phone and wait on customers!